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Building a Secure Foundation

A minimum-security baseline is a set of essential requirements to safeguard an organization’s IT systems and data. It acts like a foundation, ensuring all systems meet a minimum level of security to prevent common threats and vulnerabilities. This baseline typically covers aspects like strong passwords, software updates, access controls, and secure configurations. By following these guidelines, organizations can establish a standardized and efficient approach to securing their IT infrastructure.

How it works

A Comprehensive Approach to IT Security Enhancement

To enhance security, we prioritize critical assets and inventory all IT resources. Key measures include implementing core CIS controls such as regular patching, enforcing multi-factor authentication (MFA), validating user inputs, granting least privilege, hardening network perimeters, and encrypting sensitive data. We also address the OWASP Top 10 for applications, with a focus on input validation, MFA, and data protection.

What can we do for you

More Than a Baseline: SBS Offers Training, Testing, and Response for Comprehensive Security

We simplify this process by assessing your needs, tailoring a baseline, creating policies, configuring systems, and providing staff training. Moreover, we assist with ongoing maintenance and updates, vulnerability management and compliance, and offer additional services like security awareness training, penetration testing, and incident response planning. With our comprehensive support, you can fortify your security effectively and ensure resilience against evolving threats.


Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in serving organizations across various industries, with a particular focus on the financial sector, including banking and financial institutions
We prioritize data confidentiality and employ industry-leading encryption and access control measures to safeguard your sensitive information.
Yes, we provide continuous support to our clients, including monitoring, maintenance, and updates to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of our solutions.