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Facility staffed with cyber experts and equipped with modern technologies

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Secure Code Review

Examining the codebase to uncover potential threats using OWASP guidelines

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Cobit 2019

Helps align IT objectives with business strategies, and ensures adherence to regulatory requirements.

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Integrates digital forensics with incident response to mitigate cybersecurity incidents and breaches

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Information Security Program Development

Defining proper interaction between people, processes, within strategic planning

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Addressing elements such as strong passwords, software updates, and secure configurations

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Monitor, Detect and respond to endpoint activities in real-time, using advanced technologies.

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Cyber Security Assessment

Through evaluation of digital defenses to safeguard against cyber threats

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Penetration Testing

Simulate real-world cyber assaults to uncover vulnerabilities within your organization’s defense mechanisms

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Vulnerability Management

identify and resolve vurnabilities within your organization’s IT set up to reduce the risk of exploitaion

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