Consultancy, Guidance and Support

This package comprises the needed activities for an institution in the trip of compliance with a controls framework. The package constitutes of a series of awareness sessions on the framework, followed by a gap assessment to identify the current status of compliance. This gap assessment will help identify the activities that are needed and the budget required for full compliance status. While the institution performs the needed implementations, it should receive professional support although the way including the logic of configuration for a tool implemented, assistance in the information security policies amendments and fine tuning the processes.

The implementation of a new framework for a team is challenging without the needed knowledge and experience. The team should receive the appropriate assistance from an entity in the domain with a certified, knowledgeable and experienced.

The methodology of assistance can be summarized in the following manner:
  • Phase I
    • Initial Gap Assessment
    • Identifying the solutions and specifying technical recommendations
    • Suggesting the amendments to the policies or delivering template policies needed
  • Phase II
    • Building a project plan to close the gaps
    • Supporting the bank in implementing the solutions and the needed policies and processes
  • Phase III
    • Re-assessing the open gaps for closure and applying for certification (if applicable)