Governance, Risk Management and Complaince

In this domain, SBS covers multiples tasks from developing information security programs to guidance on implementations for frameworks, from assessing the proper implementations of controls to developing and writing policies, and from standards and procedures to developing security hardening processes. These are customized according to various industry-recognized standards or according to bank internal frameworks and policies.

Services Offered:
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Security Architecture Infrastructure and Process Design

This domain comprises of concepts, principles, structures, and standards needed to design, implement, monitor, and secure operating systems, equipment, network, and applications. Applying those controls enforce the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

SBS offers guidance and consultancy related to architecture and process design that are done in accordance with industry best practices and controls frameworks of the client’s choice.

Services Offered:
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Security Assessment and Testing

SBS covers the whole security assessment process offering all its underlying activities and testing which induce a report that highlights the procedure needed in order to mitigate security vulnerabilities.

Services Offered:
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Security Resilience and Business Continuity

This domain covers all security operations starting from contingency activities and business continuity operations, all the way to regular operational security processes concerned with the detection and response activities based on logs and forensic investigations.

Services Offered:
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Software Development Security

SBS assesses software being developed for security through delivering a diverse of modules such as code review, penetration testing, and architecture analysis including the entire process from beginning to end. This results in a more secure product and enables detection of vulnerabilities in the software early on in the process of development. The value of this activity lies in cost reduction by resolving issues as they occur, and in the mitigation of potential organizational risks that could occur outside the insecure application.

Services Offered:
  • Code Review
  • Penetration Testing
  • Architecture Analysis

Security Awareness and Training

It is being more and more validated with time that security awareness plays a massive role in the world of information protection and safety. This is an enough reason for SBS to provide security awareness sessions as part of its offerings. These focus on the emerging security knowledge needed for system operators and administrators to safely operate the environments.

Services Offered:
  • Security Awareness Training Sessions
  • Information and Cyber Security Training Sessions


SBS offers various packages for outsourcing Information Security personnel with different arrays of experience ranging from juniors to experts as needed. This allows our client to have a dedicated SBS security engineer on-site that handles varied security activities based on a prior agreement. The value-added of this service rests in cutting costs, cutting down time on some coordination activities, higher precision in performance, less liability on the client’s side, and more importantly, leveraging from a wider pool of knowledge transfer.

Services Offered:
  • Dedicated on-site engineer(s) to perform diverse security activities

RFP Writing and Project Management

SBS offers the services of Project Management and writing Request for Proposals.

Services Offered:
  • Project Management for Information/Cyber Security Projects
  • Writing RFP for Payment Systems Projects and Information/Cyber Security Projects

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