Security Architecture-Infrastructure-and-Process-Design

Security Architecture Infrastructure and Process Design

This domain comprises of concepts, principles, structures, and standards needed to design, implement, monitor, and secure operating systems, equipment, network, and applications. Applying those controls enforce the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

SBS offers guidance and consultancy related to architecture and process design that are done in accordance with industry best practices and controls frameworks of the client’s choice.

Services Offered:

Architecture and Process Design

Architecture and process design is a concept that brings together various IT components and resources that work together to create a coherent, functional and secure infrastructure. It starts with adopting predefined guidance and recommendations from trusted entities in the form of security frameworks, industry standards and best practices. This service is intended to address the workflow connecting people, process, and technology in order to cover all security aspects needed for a secure environment. Further, the purpose of a properly designed architecture and process is to build the bridge between information security and business operations, in the sense that these two work together smoothly and in harmony.